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"I AM LOVE" explained.

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

What is love? What does it mean to love?

We usually use the word love when we say we love something, or we love someone. But can we simply LOVE? Can we feel love when it's not directed at anything or anyone?

Can we encompass LOVE at all times, where nothing can initiate or discontinue this feeling? How does that look? To LOVE all the time?

To hold something at all times, to carry it wherever we go, that it becomes so ingrained in our being that we come to identify with it, that we come to emanate LOVE at all times.

That is essentially the goal. We have all heard a mantra, “I AM LOVE.” But I never understood how I could BE LOVE. Love is an entity, an energy source, a feeling in and of itself. And we, humans, are not that feeling, we are not that energy source.

BUT when we, humans, continuously call upon and access that energy source, that energy becomes familiar to ours. It is one that we access daily. It is one that we come to know.

Because we are beings of energy, our energy HAS to be sourced from somewhere, it has to have a vibration. So if we, when we wake up, call upon the LOVE energy source and vibrate with that energy, if we feel LOVE everyday when we wake up, we begin to vibrate like LOVE does.

Our energy source, our vibration, is now mimicking this LOVE energy source that it calls upon everyday. Our energy is now the LOVE energy. We are now emanating the LOVE feeling, the LOVE vibration. It’s coming from our own energy now, from inside our own souls and bodies.

We become LOVE. There is no distinguishing between our energy and the LOVE energy that we feel. They become one.

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