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Elemental Water for Healing

We gather here through water, fluid like the sea. Dynamic and complex, we gather here to be. I wish I wish, for me & me, to be forever merrily. And so it goes, but I still stay ~ no trees we climb and walks we take, remove us from our cave. Up high above and down below, my home remains - nowhere it goes - I’m here to stay. Remain in center, through my soul, I found myself, I found my goal. To be at peace through the tides, the harsh waters and high waves, countless crashes - I die - to be reborn again.

We invite water into our meditations, our prayers, our awareness, our lives at large when we are in need of flexibility, adaptability, fluidity. Flexibility can be experienced literally through the movements of our physical body. Our daily movements can get so repetitive and continuous, which can limit the movements our bodies’ experience on a daily basis. Our bodies were made to move, to be strong, to adapt, to run, to stop, to climb, to flow, to be able to carry us (literally) throughout life, to be able to withstand time. A rigid body is limited, unlike the water. It has boundaries, unlike the water. With water-like movement - fluid movement - our bodies are able to experience boundless and limitless existence. How far could we go?

Flexibility can also be experienced in the mind and soul through an adaptability and fluidity of our feelings and thoughts. We invite the archetype of the unpredictable water into our minds if we are in need of a change in mindset, if our current thinking and behavioral patterns do not serve us and we feel ourselves yearning a new path of being and doing. A rigid mind attaches itself to it’s comfortable thinking patterns, it’s stone-set belief systems, and it’s previous experiences. A mind fearful of change and new can make the confrontation uncomfortable. The confrontation between you and life itself. If we understand that life is forever changing and unpredictable, then we must learn to go with it, to let go and let it. Water is innately unpredictable, it is forever changing, so it must be patient with itself and accepting of itself. Fighting the natural course of life causes a lot more pain, like a human trying to go against a wave. Learning to flow like water, we can accept new cycles, new seasons that come.

When we allow ourselves to move with the flow of the days, to let go and release, to lean into challenges and face them head on, we become less rigid, more flexible, but also, less stable. And this loss of stability can be very scary to many - it’s a loss of control. Water brings in new feelings, new possibilities; it could be a change in your current course. And without the elements of water, this new change, this new course can cause a lot of friction and therefore, cause uncomfortability and pain. To be flexible and adaptable, means to have smooth transitions, not painful ones. As we are in constant change and flux, water helps us to lubricate our coming passageways, to navigate these tight spaces, and to loosen us up as we are being taken for the ride. The inevitable ride. We might as well enjoy it.

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