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A story about hopelessness.

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

This feeling of hopelessness. This feeling I know well. My mother trained me for it. She was giving me all of the tools I needed for the day it would show up. She was a veteran. Her white flag has seen half a decade. The movement it has memorized; up.

But I wanted to be different. I wanted to be hopeful. I wanted to have faith in myself. I wanted to have faith in the universe. Hopelessness cannot be born in a confident and brave environment. Hopelessness cannot win when wisdom is in the room.

What helps us in this battle against hopelessness is understanding its origin. It is the same every time. The feeling of hopelessnes; not the state of being hopeless, because hopelessness must be a feeling before it becomes a state of being. So, when the feeling of hopelessness arises, where does it come from?

Fear. Fear of everything going to shit. Fear of not being able to do it. Fear of failing.

When you recognize the origin of your hopeless feeling, whether it be fear from your past experiences, fear from ancestral trauma, or even fear with NO BASIS, you must be able to discern if this fear is rooted in your present moment or in your past. When in fear, there is no trust in self, in your skills or your abilities, in the universe, in GOD, in others, in ANYTHING.

This fear is not reflective of your actual abilities, this fear is referring to your feeling regarding your skills. Your fear is telling you that you do not think you are enough, have enough, can do enough in order to change the course of your present moment, therefore feeling hopeless to your current or future moment.


So this feeling of hopelessness is only a feeling. Until you believe it. When you believe you are truly hopeless, you begin to act as if you are hopeless. You begin to move forward with no hope. No hope in anything. In yourself, in people, in God, in your dreams, in your aspirations, in your goals, in the future; the list goes on. You begin to walk through life with this belief. No longer will you take leaps of faith, no longer will you take a risk, be spontaneous, follow a thought, try something new, make your dreams a reality.

Because you will have no hope. So why bother?

The solution here, my friends, is to become aware of hopelessness when it is merely a feeling. And as stated before, a feeling does not always reflect the true realm of reality you are living in. So the next time you feel hopeless, remember it is not your reality; it is just a feeling right now; and it doesn’t has to be your reality, if you don’t end up believing it.

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