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Are you a "spiritual" person?

I personally don’t like to use the word “spiritual;” it’s too general, too impersonal, and not specific. I don’t know what other people mean when they use this word. The online digital world says “spiritual” means “relating to or affecting the human spirit - relating to religion or religious beliefs.” My first question, doesn’t everything have to do with the human spirit? And if I believe that all humans have a spirit, isn’t everyone spiritual? Furthermore, the word “spirituality” is being fairly OVERUSED, misused, and misunderstood. What do you all mean when you use these words?

I rarely not use these words - not ever really. Because, these words can be so misleading. I do not claim to be a spiritual person, because like I said before, everyone, in my opinion, has a spirit, something beyond this human flesh, so everyone would be a spiritual being. If I want to describe a person who someone would quickly refer to as “a spiritual person,” I usually describe them as: “Someone who is tapped into the spirit of all and beyond. Someone who understands and knows the connection between all and beyond. Someone who lives beyond this human flesh”

When I think of the two words, I think of going in and going beyond. Beyond what? The five senses. Some people only define something as real or existing if it’s something they can see, hear, smell, touch and taste. Spirituality for me, entails something beyond those five senses, feeling and knowing something that is not “real” to the physical, 3-D, five sensed realm. It’s an indescribable, untranslatable feeling and knowing, and not all people can be so sure of this unknowing, because some of it is intuitional - not five sensical. When you tap into your spirit, which I believe every being has, you remember the unity and oneness within yourself and outside of yourself, that is the essence of life itself - the connection between it all. Everything and everyone has the same essence or spirit running through them, the source of their creation; it is all connected.

The word “spiritual” or “spirituality” for me assumes awareness. Awareness of self, awareness of the One True Energy of Creation, awareness of the world around you, and the harmonic relationship between EVERYTHING. Because one must first be aware to feel and know the fact that spirit runs through everything and everyone. And an aware being is a big deal. I do not want us to call someone spiritual commonly; it is a BIG DEAL to be aware and awake. Because after awareness, comes love. A spiritual person, someone tapped into true spirit, has love for everything and everyone - love must follow this type of awareness. Because when you are aware, that you are connected to and with everyone and everything around you, there’s a big awakening and openness that occurs within you.

You might know these things and still not be a spiritual person - a tapped in person - a person full of love - an aware being - a person led by spirit; we all know people like that, actually. I believe that just means that they DON’T REALLY KNOW! If you REALLY knew, your life would reflect it, and you would exert it.

So, we must ask ourselves, beyond our "spiritual practices," who are WE really? Do we reflect someone who lives THROUGH and WITH and FOR spirit? And not just your OWN spirit, but the full and whole ALL BEING spirit?

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