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I am a confident wise womban. Who does not look to the past or the future with such certainty as if I am a fortune teller, God almighty. I am a womban in the present moment. Who returns to breath when in need of reassurance. I am a womban of the sun and moon. Who lives through cycles every second passed. I am an eternal loving womban who knows her breath, knows her God, and lives in forever. I let go of insecurities, past trauma, and lingering dreadful thoughts which is the song of the human mind. I am working everyday to be the womban of my dreams, to remember who I am, and to not be TEMPTED by the irrationality of my insecure fantasies. I am long, I am tall, I am old. I am as old as the trees who lay here with roots that return to the source. I can tap in through heart spirit center, but I must leave the mind behind. YOU ARE LYING! Do I tell it. Because I know truth. I have seen it. And it is not you.

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