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A Poem: Christianity or Do You Mean Insanity?

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Christianity or

Do u mean insanity?

Why don't u look inside of me

See the real life as you look right past me

Pastor me

You ask for me

I am the devils child

God loves everyone

Except for almost everyone


Ask for forgiveness

But god loves everyone?

Except for those who carry on

Punish yourself!

You must seek for your “true self”

Ask for Guidance

From the so called mighTest

Ask for forgiveness as you go to church with no sense

I am a homosexual!

Well off to hell you go

Say hello to everyone

Hell on to everyone

But doesn't god love anyone?

Only those who follow rules

Rules like a strict god

Fools with a reward

Reward - psych ward

Call everyone a retard

I don't have to earn god

I know I have a speciality

It's my own personality

You're in a cycle of brutality

You call me criminality

I say you pulled a blind one on me

You close your eyes

And fantasize

You don't listen to the real guys!

You listen to the man that money buys!

He was born into a reality - a lifeless salary

Where all his enemies

Were colored men in white tees

But he's a Christian

He must be right then

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