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DelightFull's Monthly Vegan Potluck

The Clubhouse hosts a monthly Vegan Potluck, and no, you don't have to be vegan to attend! Bring your favorite vegan dish (an excuse to cook or buy food) and enjoy new and delicious food alongside other health conscious and open-minded individuals. Join our community to get your invite!

 Vegan potluck

Capital Area Cleanup

Capital Area Cleanup was founded by 2 Latinas who wanted to see a change. An initiative to cleanup the streets! From the months of April to October, we host monthly cleanups in the Greater Area of Harrisburg. Join us! You can be notified of our cleanups by signing up to our text/email list, OR follow our instagram page.


Scholarships for Body Healing

DelightFull's Scholarship Program is new and proud. Receive 3 free sessions with Leslie. 45 minutes of healing for you, with 30 minutes of additional Q & A at the end of each session. Apply now! We start a new cohort every 4 months!

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The Clubhouse Garden

We are currently setting up The Clubhouse Garden, introducing our garden experts, and preparing to launch. You can volunteer TODAY at The Clubhouse Garden. You can stay informed through our newsletter. 


Creative Community Grow

Our sister nonprofit. Bringing new services, events, and workshops to the Central PA area soon!


DelightFull Sundays

Catch Leslie LIVE every Sunday on Instagram, where she takes the time to share wisdom, love, and good energy with the world. Through our own experiences, do we get to understand life fully, and on Sundays, it is the perfect time for Leslie to share with you what she has learned on our journey.

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