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Capital Area Cleanup

To love the Earth, to enjoy the Earth, and to truly experience every single part of life on Earth… there can be no selfishness. It all HAS to circle back around. There must be reciprocation. 

In 2019, Jazmine Marquez and Leslie Avila, two passionate Latinx woman in the city joined forces to create an impactful movement in the city. When Tyler Vaupel saw the mission and joined the crew, Capital Area Cleanup was formed.

We clean up different areas of Central PA once a month, EVERY month from April to October. We will be bringing education to our communities and volunteers in 2024. Join us!

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Community Compost Coalition

We are a coalition of small businesses and local residents dedicated to reducing green waste from landfills, reducing harmful emissions from our local environment, and increasing soil and food health! 

In partnership with Empower at The Bridge Foundation and Creative Community Grow and Tampu Project, we hope to raise awareness of ecological health amongst our community, as we advocate for and remember our innate human and Earth connection. 

You can support our efforts by directly donating or sponsoring to us! For inquiries, email

If you are interested in having your team or family volunteer directly with us at our initiatives, please click the button below to sign up for our newsletter, where you will be notified of our efforts!

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