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Image by Hayley Maxwell
Speaker, Activist, Mentor

Leslie Avila




A DelightFull Life Includes Professional Success

We all have dreams. Some have turned their dreams into goals, but others are still dreaming. At DelightFull Co, we approach healing and happy living from a multidisciplinary perspective. We not only support your mental and spiritual wellbeing, or your physical health; we are invested in your wholistic advancement.

For dreamers like me, translating your dreams into goals and tasks in the manifest world can be tough. If I was able to figure it out (and still continue to do so), then so can YOU.

How I Can Support You

For-Profit Business Registration

EIN retrieval

Virtual Office

Non-Profit Organization Registration

Tax-Exempt Status

Project Management

MBE and WOE Certifications

SAM.GOV registry & UEI

Grant Writing & Planning

Mind Mapping and Business Coaching

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