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Yoga, Community, Meditation

"Change starts now because now is all we have" -Leslie Avila

A DelightFull World

multidisciplinary company advocating and providing service for personal and professional success

A Lifestyle and Wellness Company

We advocate and promote professional and personal success through our services, products, and events.

Become part of our community by attending our in-person gatherings or joining our virtual community.

"Rushing isn't helping it happen faster, it's just giving you anxiety." -Leslie Avila

DelightFull Business Consulting, Central Pennsylvania, Dallas Texas, NYC

We support entrepreneurs reach their goals and manifest their visions by providing one-on-one consulting services. Starting your own non-profit organization? Spearheading a community project? Launching your services? We can help!

DelightFull Community Healing Gatherings and Events, Central Pennsylvania, NYC, Dallas

We organize in-person gatherings that promote wellbeing for individuals. We use different techniques and cultural knowledge in our teachings and practices. We offer circles in Central Pennsylvania, NYC, and Dallas, TX. 

DelightFull Tea, NYC, Central Pennsylvania, DelightFull Wellness Company

We offer a diverse range of products, unique to the different stages of your journey. From medicinal tea, to business notepads; Our goal is to support you on your personal and professional journey. Be sure to check out our online shop here.

Join our Events!

Meditaton Community Circle, Harrisburg PA

Monthly events in Harrisburg, PA highlighting our lifestyle and wellness offerings as a company.

herbal tea, make me feel better, chamomile tea, herbal medicine, DelightFull Tea
Traditional Family Recipes
made intentionally with
YOU in mind. 

Our herbal blends are fun and easy to understand. We handcraft them with intention; specifically to help YOU on your journey. Receive a bit of delight through your day with DelightFull Teas.

Get to Know our World + Community!

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