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DelightFull Tea: Make Me Relax

DelightFull Tea: Make Me Relax

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Our "Make Me Relax" blend is specially crafted to help you wind down, ease tension, and perhaps sleep peacefully. Chamomile allows the body to relase and relax, while St Johns Wort can reduce tension and anxiety. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU TALK TO A DOCTOR BEFORE TAKING ST JOHNS WORT IF YOU ARE OR HAVE BEEN ON ANTI-DEPRESSANTS.


This tea is not promised to make you sleep fast like magic, you also have to do the work to ensure that your mind and body relaxes - like turn off your TV, engage in breathing practices, self-massage, etc.. This is not western medicine. Get off your phone and breathe.



  • Boil water alone. When water is boiled, pour boiled water over tea bag already placed in cup. Remove tea bag after 3-5 minutes

  • Use the same bag for the second cup. Drink at least 2 cups per day. Keep drinking!
  • The tea bag is compostable, throw it to your garden or in your compost. Make the Earth happy!
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