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DelightFull Tea: Make Me Poop

DelightFull Tea: Make Me Poop

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Our "Make Me Poop" blend is specially crafted to help you with your digestive system. Whether this has been an ongoing problem for you, or you just had too much dairy this week. This tea works! This tea is NOT a detox tea, it will NOT make you explode with diarrhea.


Follow the directions EXACTLY to ensure maximum bowel movement. While you're drinking this tea, make sure to also STOP eating foods that will clog you like white rice, white bread, fried food, or bagged chips. Drink lots of spring water during the day as well.



  •  Boil 1 herbal tea bag and 3 cups of water TOGETHER.
  • After everything is boiling, turn the heat to LOW and simmer on low for 15 minutes (THIS STEP IS IMPORTANT).
  • Drink at the minimum 2 cups per day, but keep on drinking, day after day until poop arrives.
  • The tea bag is compostable, throw it to your garden or in your compost. Make the Earth happy!
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