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Spanglish Morning Gratitude Prayer

Buenos días mami y papi. Que DIOS me bendiga. Bless the spaces that house me and the people who hold me. May we always act in love and wisdom. Protect my body, mind, and soul from those energies that only serve my primal ego, my un-loved child, my shadow’s desires. Pachamama, le doy gracias cada did que abro mis ojos a su descendencia mágica. La vida que usted nos da naturalmente y sin esfuerzo, es la reason que vivo cada día. Le debo las frutas de mi trabajo. I live and work to serve the souls of your children ~ to be apart of the large working machine who’s ultimate purpose is to bring love, balance, peace, and unity to the world. May we remember our origin: the womb we come from ~ la vientre de donde venimos.

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